Hi! My name is Wendi, I am a Yorkshire Terrier, one of the most active dogs you’ll ever meet! I love to go on long walks, play fetch, and explore new places. I am also an expert at finding hidden treats around the house, and loves to have a good run in the park.  Aries is my zodiac sign and that probably explains my tons of energy and loves to show it off.

Wendi - yorkshire terrier cute

One of my favorite activities is to go on a long walk. I love to explore the neighborhood and all the different smells. I always on the lookout for new friends to greet, which makes me a very friendly pup.

Well, I am also very patient when it comes to walking, and never gets tired of it. I also love to play fetch and I love to chase after the ball and bring it back to my human. In addition, I am an expert at finding hidden treats and I love to search for small pieces of food that are stashed away in various places around the house.

I‘m a Yorkshire Terrier who loves to ride bicycles! Whenever I get the chance, I‘m off and pedaling around the neighborhood. Oh I love the wind in my fur and the thrill of the ride. I‘m a little pup with a big dream to see the world on two wheelsMake sure to follow my journey.